Day 1

Arrival at Labuan Bajo, LBJ (Komodo Airport)

While arriving at Labuan Bajo Airport, our friendly staffs with Antares logo uniform are already waiting for your arrival outside the custom area with your group name written on a sign board.  From airport to the pier will only takes 10 to 15 mins.  Once on board, your voyage to Relaxation begin!!  A general briefing by our Cruise Director, Nico Caiveau, will present to you and your diving buddies about Antares and all the safety procedures on the boat.  We will set sail at 17:00 for Sabolan Besar and enjoy an unforgettable sunset view of Sangeang Volcano where we will spend the night.  Please note that Antares’ boarding time is at 12:00 to 16:00.  Guests are requested to be on board by 16:00.  For boat charter, boarding and pick up time can be pre-arranged with our office staff 7 days before trip.


Day 2

Sabolan Besar

Our first dive of the day will begin with a check dive at Sabolan Besar(1), a fantastic crystal clear water slope covered with a verity of sea life and corals.  You may be greeted by Sea Turtles, Snappers, Groupers and an occasional Eagle Ray flying above you.  After breakfast we will have our second dive at Sabolan Kecil North(2).  Starting on a slope followed by a seamount of coral, you might see a large group of Garden Eels on the sandy bottom, Surgeon fish, Devil Scorpionfish, Orangutan Crabs and large Sea Fans covered in all types of crustaceans.  There are also an exceptional Octopus found in a secret spot on this dive site.  We will have the third dive at Sabolan Kecil South(3), great for photography.  This dive site is a unique for all types of divers.  With a frequent sighting of Cuttlefish, Angel Fish, Leafy Scorpionfish and an abundant amount of invertebrates.  And this dive site always has something new to see.  You will enjoy the sun setting on our way to Sebayor Besar where we will anchor.


Day 3

Gili Lawadarat 

The morning dive will take place at Sebayor Kecil(4), a shallow slope to a sandy bottom with large boulders covered in all types of hard and soft coral.  Here you can find Giant Trevally, Long Nose Emperor Fish, schools of Sweetlips and Whitetip reef sharks.  We will start heading to Tatawa Besar(5) for the second dive before lunch.  Tatawa Besar is a colorful drift dive spot famous for its yellow and orange soft coral and occasional sight of Manta Rays.  Here you can see Giant Trevally hunting fusilier fish, and Black Tip reef sharks lurking the reef for another meal.  There will be lunch on the way to Gili Lawadarat at North of Komodo island.  The third dive will be at Golden Passage(6), a drift dive between two islands, and you will notice its orange sun coral and vast variety of marine life including Large Marble Rays, Giant Sweetlips and an abundant amount of colorful tropical fish.  After sunset you will have your first night dive at Coral Garden(7), a beautiful slope full of healthy coral with lots of crustaceans.  We will enjoy at the bay of North Komodo island for the night.


Day 4

Teletubbie Bay 

Another amazing day stretches in front of you.  We will move to North of Gili Lawadarat, here we will dive into a World class dive sites known as Crystal(8) and Castle Rock(9).  An incredible biodiversity of life where you can see many sharks including the infamous Gray reef shark, schools of Surgeon Fish, Tuna, Giant Trevally, and if we get lucky, we could dive with unlimited numbers of Dolphins.  The third dive of the day is The Cauldron also known as Shotgun(10), this is one of the famous dive site where experience drift diving.  Depends the current level, sometime the drift dive can be last for more than 25 mins.  At this dive site, some hiding area are protected by big reefs against the strong current where you still have time to stops and enjoy the sight of schools of Big Eye Giant Trevally, Sweetlips, school of Snapper and Manta Ray flying above you.  At The Cauldron, we do not suggest you bring big camera, there could be some crazy strong current, it is really hard to protect the camera.  “GoPro” could be the ideal recording equipment at The Cauldron.  After the third dive, you will have time on the boat to get ready for our sunset viewpoint on Gili Lawadarat with a breathtaking view of the sun setting behind the island of Komodo.  We will anchor in Teletubbie Bay for the night.


Day 5

Pink Beach 

Wake up to another paradise view, this time we move from South to Central Komodo National Park for our first dive at Manta Point(11).  A drift dive along a shallow sandy bottom with coral biomes used as cleaning stations for all the local marine life including the Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Marble Rays, Giant Sweetlips and occasional Black and Wite Tip reef shark.  After breakfast we move to Shark Point, South of Tatawa Besar(12) for your second dive.  Shark Point is a small slope covered in all types of hard coral including table coral where you can find sleeping White Tips reef sharks and swimming Black Tips above the reef.  There is also sighting of Devil Ray swimming near the slope.  Your third dive will be at the small island of Batu Bolong South(13), a steep slope where you can find an abundant array of colorful tropical fish including, swimming Moray Eels, school of Fussier fish, Giant Trevally hunting, large Potato Grouper and a Barracuda patrolling the top of the reef.  Then we will head to Central Komodo Pink Beach to visit the wild deer on the beach and a sunset viewpoint of Antares and Komodo island. 


Day 6


In the morning, you will experience a unique encounter on the island of Komodo – with the fearsome Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest lizard (more than 3 meters long).  Take a walk around the park guided by experienced rangers who will share with you their profound knowledge of the Komodo dragon and the fauna and the flora of the area.  After breakfast you will have the first dive of the day at Pink beach(14), a steep slope covered in feather stars and impressive soft corals.  Here you can find Barracuda, schools of Sweetlip and Tuna swimming along the reef.  After Pink Beach, you will have lunch on the way to North heading to Siaba Besar, you will have your second dive at Siaba Kecil(15), a very nice drift dive along a reef face filled with small overhangs where you can find schools of Sweetlips, large Angelfish, Giant Trevally, Potato Grouper fallowed by a shallow Plato of hard coral and flat sponges with sleeping Whitetips.  Following the sunset we will have a night dive at Turtle Point(16), a great dive for macro photography in the same bay as Siaba Besar. A sandy bottom covered in small blades of sea grass.  Here we will search for Seahorse, Frogfish, Pipefish and small reef Octopus.  During the dive, we will also spot random coral biomes and hard coral where Lionfish are hunting with the help of our flash lights.  We will stay the night at Siaba Besar.


Day 7


Getting ready for your last fantastic day on The Antares.  You will have your first dive at Police Corner(17), an incredible overhang full of large schools of Fusilier fish, Giant Trevally, and Sweetlips, a topography never to forget.  After breakfast, you will enjoy your last dive of this amazing diving trip at Mauan(18).  Also known for spotting Manta Rays a beautiful slope with Mantis Shrimp, Sea Snake, Butterfly fish and large Sponges.  Finishing the day on our way to Kelor to experience the incredible sight of thousands of Flying Foxes during sunset where we will also stay overnight.


Day 8

Disembarkation at Labuan Bajo, LBJ

In the morning, we will set sail for Labaan Bajo.  After breakfast, it will be time to farewell The Antares and her crew.  You will then be transferred to Labuan Bajo airport, where our team will assist with your luggage.  Guests are required to disembark before 12:00.


Important Notice:

***Above schedule could be change in location(s) order or route due to weather and other conditions.  The Antares Cruise Director has the rights to change the sailing course or terminate the trip due to weather or emergency situations***

***Above itinerary is based on the regular weather, Antares will sail from point to point on daily basic.  Weather condition effects the sailing duration.  If everything works on schedule, the Cruise Director could provide One(1) to Two(2) extra night dive for guests***